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Our shop is unique. We are located in the witch city of Salem, MA and we are a small family owned and operated shop. What’s cooler than a fresh new shop in a super old historic building?

Beyond our little shop, we search for new and trendy items daily so we can bring in new drops weekly! Our shop is constantly refreshing collections, and you’ll always find something different each time you shop with us. If you’re ever in our area, come by and say hello! If not, that’s cool too. Your online presence is just as good! We appreciate each and every one of you guys. Thanks for shopping small, it means the world to us and every single small business owner.

A Small shop with big dreams

how we started

It went something like this: Our grandfather was a pattern maker. He owned a clothing business. Our father took after his dad and also ran a clothing business with our mom, who has been designing since day one. Their children (us) also loved the business and joined in! We are mainly a clothing design and manufacturing brand but we have a passion for retail, so that’s why we opened our shop. We are hoping the chain reaction continues forever! Long story short, we know and love clothes, and we want this to shine through to our customers.



our own brand


LIV Outdoor™ was created with meaning. The name itself is an acronym for Life, Integrity, and the "V" is replaced with an Alchemy symbol meaning Earth, shown in its true graphic form on the logo below. Since Alchemy ultimately sought to turn base metals to gold, not for wealth but for purity, we felt use of the symbol was fitting. L.I.V Outdoor pledges to work with factories and partners who hold themselves to the same high standard of social and environmental ethics as we hold ourselves. This includes managing waste streams in a way mindful of future generations, helping to limit our footprint, as we seek to sustain a healthy planet for generations to come.